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Hello, and Welcome to the Mike Gravel for Connecticut Wiki page! Here, I will post any relevant information that involves Mike Gravel in the state on Connecticut. As you are well-aware, the Connecticut Primary has come and gone, and February 5th, it was a disappointing night for the Gravel campaign in Connecticut. We recieved a total of 272 votes, and an 9th place finish, behind the dropped out candidates. With that being said, it is clear that we will need to work hard as an organization to do well come November! If you have any questions or comments, please contact myself, or the Official Connecticut State Director, Christina D'amico. Thanks for visiting! I hope that you will check back for possible updates.

I have also created a separate email just for grassroots questions regarding Mike Gravel in Connecticut. I will check that email once a day - so if it is urgent, contact me at my personal email. If your inquiry is a serious matter, I advise you to take it to the Official CT State Director. Keep in mind I am not the official director, I am simply a grassroots contact.

Thank you, Brian


Connecticut Wiki contactsEdit

  • Brian Hamel
Userpage: BrianForMikeGravel - For questions regarding Mike Gravel
grassroots support in Connecticut. - Personal Email

Official Connecticut State DirectorEdit

  • Christina D’amico - Mike Gravel Website Email - Personal Email


External linksEdit

Grassroots "Issues" GroupsEdit

Americans for Fair TaxationEdit

  • William Malchisky
State Director
Fairfield, CT (CT-04)
Work: (203) 374-2973
Home: (203) 521-0265
  • Daniel Hunt
District Director
Manchester, CT (CT-01)
Work: (860) 432-0458
Home: (860) 643-5216
  • Daniel Terrill
Community Coordinator
Bristol, CT (CT-01)
Home: (860) 582-9230
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