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5. Links

Links are a vital part of your pages. They are the main way that people will move around the site.

More on internal links

File:Tutorial 5.png

We saw how to make internal links on Page 3 of this tutorial. But you can also change the appearance of internal links:

To use words other than the article title as the text of the link, you can use a pipe character "|"

For example, if you wanted to make a link to the "Main Page", but wanted it to say "The Mike Gravel Wiki" you would write:

[[Main Page|The Mike Gravel Wiki]]
It would show as:
The Mike Gravel Wiki

You can also add extra letters directly outside the double square brackets to change the link text. This is useful for plurals:

For example, you would write:

There are various [[Online Campaign]]s for Mike Gravel.
It would appear as:
There are various Online Campaigns for Mike Gravel.

How do I link to other wikia?

There are two ways of linking to other wikia.

If the wikia is in the Interwiki map, then you can link simply by adding the name of the wikia to your link.

[[Creatures:Norn]] will link you to the "Norn" page on the Creatures Wikia, and will look like this: Creatures:Norn

Interwiki links also work to some other wikis such as Wikipedia. See the Interwiki map for the full list.

If the wikia isn't in the interwikimap, then you can still link to it by adding "w:c" to the link.

[[w:c:Photography:Main Page]] will link you to the main page of the Photography Wikia, and will look like this: w:c:Photography:Main Page

You can make that link look tidier by using a pipe again:

[[w:c:Photography:SLR camera|SLR camera]] will still link to the "SLR camera" page, but will look like this: SLR camera

If you are adding the link from outside of the Central Wikia, on one of the individual wikis, then you need to expand the "w" to "wikia".

[[wikia:c:Photography:Main Page]] will link you to the main page of the Photography Wikia, and will look like this: wikia:c:Photography:Main Page (this link will be red here on Central)

How do I link to external sites?

If you want to link to a site outside of the Mike Gravel Wiki, just type the full URL for the page you want to link to.

It is often better to have the link text show something more useful than the URL. You can do this with single square brackets.

The alternative text goes after the URL, with a space in between (not a pipe this time). For example:

Typing [ The Official Mike Gravel '08 Website]
will look like The Official Mike Gravel '08 Website

Try adding some links to this page:

  1. Click edit above
  2. Try to add some internal, interwiki or external links
  3. Click Show preview to check what you have written
  4. Click Save page to save your writing

You have now completed the tutorial, and have all the basic knowledge to edit the Mike Gravel Wiki.

For some ideas on where to go next, see page 6 of this tutorial

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