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The Iran issue refers to U.S.-Iran relations in general and, more specifically, the issue of whether or not the United States should engage in a military confrontation with that country.

Mike Gravel's PositionEdit

Senator Gravel firmly opposes a military confrontation with Iran and advocates a diplomatic solution to the current situation.

Several signs indicate that the Bush administration is moving towards a military confrontation with Iran and Syria; the deployment of a "major strike group" of ships to the Persian Gulf, the detaining of six Iranian officials of a consular office flying the Iranian flag, pointed accusations that both nations are fueling the insurgency in Iraq and the President’s remarks that the U.S. would disrupt the flow of support from Iran and Syria to those insurgents.

The threat of war against another sovereign nation while wars continue to rage in Iraq, the Palestinian Authority and Afghanistan, only serves to further threaten global stability.

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Anti-War GroupsEdit

- a massive, grassroots public education campaign to oppose the drive towards a new war against the people of Iran

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