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Senator Gravel supports same-sex marriage and opposes the Defense of Marriage Act. In the absence of full marriage rights, the senator supports domestic partner benefits for all Americans.

He supports expanding hate-crime legislation and opposes laws that allow discrimination against sexual orientation, as well as discrimination on the basis of one's gender identity or expression.

He strongly opposes the military's 'Don't Ask Don't Tell' legislation on the grounds that it is unconstitutional, as it restricts the rights of gay Americans, and he opposes any state or national constitutional amendment that restricts the rights of the LGBT community.


Human Rights Campaign Debate on LOGO (p.1)


For me, [LGBT issues are about] justice; it's human rights. It's not whether you're gay. I've advocated many times for gays -- come out of the closet, please. Some people can't pay the price at a given point in time.

But there's one thing that counts: You've got to assert your rights.

Nobody is going to give you anything from on high.

It just does not happen that way in a system of representative government.

And so you have to step forward, and I'll be happy to step forward with you, as I have all of my life.

And I can promise you one thing, you stand up for me -- and I need your support; I need your support and want it and beg it because I'll do more for your cause than any other human being that walks the Earth as your president.

Source: 2007 HRC/LOGO debate on gay issues Aug 9, 2007


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